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Volbella is a great way to add some lip volume without having to go through painful surgeries or break the bank for a partially effective treatment. Volbella is designed specifically to add volume to lips. It is not something that should be used for anything else. That’s why it is so effective - it’s a specialty substance that has amazing reviews and a very reasonable recovery time.

It is becoming harder to find cosmetic dermatology treatment options in Sterling Heights with quick recovery times. People now desire so many drastic changes to their facial features and the industry reflects this. A lot of new products now claim to have the power to radically change facial features without mentioning that they come with some lengthy recovery times. But not Volbella. Volbella is an injectable filler that does not claim the world - it claims one region (the lips) and is certainly the queen of that domain.

Average Recovery Time is Better than Most

The average recovery time for Volbella is 10-14 days. During this 10-14 day period, patients can expect some swelling. Swelling is a natural reaction to the injection of hyaluronic acid into the skin, as this powerful naturally occurring ingredient needs time to integrate with the rest of the skin in the lips.

There might be a little bit of pain in the first few days follow injection, mainly at the injection site. Other than a little bit of pain and swelling, there is very little to report about the after-effects of a Juvederm injection. Some people have had the surgery on Friday and gone to work on the Monday without anyone even noticing the swelling. They read the full info here sure comment on the new lips, but not the swelling. However, in most cases the swelling lasts for two weeks. By the end of two weeks the swelling should pretty much have disappeared.

Can Be Longer for Some People

As with all injectables, the reaction that people have to it varies from person to person. With Juvederm the big factor is whether the patient is on any other medication. Blood thinners like aspirin or ibuprofen are the main culprits here, making it much harder for the blood to properly deal with the injection of nutrients go to this site into the lips. It will be harder work for the body to take these nutrients in, and therefore the swelling will subsist for a few days longer. It will also take longer for those who already have larger lips. It’s partly a question of volume of course, so those who have more lip to fill will take longer to digest the new influx of nutrients.

So, in general, the average recovery time for a Juvederm injection is two weeks.

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